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International Business Opportunities

International remittance company for sale
An electronic payment company and an expert in secure, real-time electronic transactions, the company has a license from the Ministry of Commerce of Panama to handle large numbers of small remittances in Panama and internationally, as well as bank accounts approved at Panama banks. Money sent home by migrants in remittances - of US$300 million yearly - constitutes the second largest financial inflow to many developing countries, exceeding international aid. The company also provides stored value card and credit card solutions to businesses, government, consumers and financial institutions with security, efficiency, and competitiveness, while reducing their costs.
Assets include US$50,000 in Panama bank required by law to maintain the remittance license.
Investment requirement: US$150,000
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1998 BVI ready-made shelf company
A 12-year old British Virgin Islands International Business Company with nominee directors and nominee shareholders is for sale. Price includes payment of reactivation fees.
A seasoned BVI company offers...
1. Credibility with Financial Institutions ­ as a result of its age, a BVI company can establish relationships easier with major financial institutions such as banks, brokers, and credit card companies to secure more favorable terms for your operations.
2. Credibility with Clients ­ by leveraging the credibility of a vintage BVI company, you will position yourself as the owner of a successful business vehicle.
3. Credibility with Partners and Competitors ­ the pedigree, age and descent of a seasoned BVI company create 'a micro climate' for its operations inspiring respect and admiration from both business partners and competitors.
Investment requirement: US$20,000
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High-yield private placements
Placements available to high end, accredited investors supported by a combination of high yield and short term investments. These private placements yield substantially higher returns than
bank certificates of deposit, most corporate bonds and mortgages. The company has a flawless payment history and stability without the inconsistency of the mortgage markets, bonds backed by real estate or hedge funds. Short term instruments (two years or less) provide guaranteed yields of 10% - 12% per annum
Rates of Return: One Year = 10% per annum (Two Payments of 5%).
Two Years = 10.25 % per annum (Four Payments of 5.125%). Semi-Annual Distributions.
These are unregistered, uninsured securities and are appropriate for sophisticated, accredited investors only who meet qualification standards and minimum net worth requirement. This Information is not an Offering or a Solicitation to Buy or Invest under any Securities Act.
Minimum Investment: $150,000 (USD) or equivalent, in any major currency.

Small Caribbean bank for sale
Ideal for acquisition, significant shareholding, joint venture by a family office or Trading Group wishing to monitor control of their funds or by another bank. The Bank itself is run by a small number of staff with good contacts built over a period of time.
Acquisition price for 100% of the Bank is $3.5 million.

Merchant Accounts for Credit Card Processing
Merchant Accounts by banks in Belize, Cyprus and Germany, offer Credit Card Merchant Processing to foreign companies. Companies should consider Electronic Commerce as an "added value" to its particular means of making business, since it will receive unlimited advantages from a market that opens the doors to a world with endless possibilities and, what is better, to potential customers.
The electronic commerce offers our customers the advantage of selling their products and services through Internet, using the most advanced technology allowing the globalisation of their company.
Subject to full due diligence and compliance with know-your-customer rules.
Minimum Investment: $20,000
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