Monday, August 27, 2007

Town hall meetings on new skyscrapers are open to property owners

Following the succesful lobbying by neighbors of El Cangrejo against skyscrapers, the Ministry of Housing (MIVI) is having a number of town hall meetings (cabildos) in order to have the opinions of residents for and against additional construction.
Neighbors rejected 3 out 4 zoning changes proposed in Bella Vista, where older homes in 2-lane streets are being demolished every week to make way for skyscrapers and restaurants with insufficient parking.
The calendar of meetings scheduled by MIVI are:
.27 AUGUST: San Francisco (includes Paitilla and Boca la Caja).
.28 AUGUST: Juan Díaz (includes everything at each side of the Southern Corridor starting from Costa del Este).
.31 AUGUST: Parque Lefevre (includes Panama Viejo).
.3 SEPTEMBER: Pedregal.
.4 SEPTEMBER: Las Cumbres (includes Cerro Azul).
.5 SEPTEMBER: 2nd Bella Vista meeting.
.6 SEPTEMBER: 24 de Diciembre (includes parts of Tocumen).
Foreigners cannot vote in Panama elections, but as property owners they can participate in these town hall meetings.

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