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Pensionado / Rentista Visas #2

This is the official list of requirements, as posted in on October 15, 2007:

Indefinite Residence Permit in capacity as Pensioned Tourist

To grant an indefinite residence permit in capacity as Pensioned Tourist.

Who may request this Permanent Residence Permit?

A person retired from a foreign government or private company earning a permanent minimum income of Five Hundred American Dollars ($500.00) or its equivalent. If the person coming with dependents, an additional One Hundred (U$100.00) monthly is obligatory per each dependant. The law grants, in addition to the indefinite residence permit, tax franchises to import households or personal items once, up to the total amount of $10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Dollars), and an automobile for personal use every two years.


  • All foreign citizens, that approach the National Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization to perform any procedure, must be previously registered in the Migratory Movement Section, presenting the following requirements:
    1. Two (2) carnet size photos
    2. Copy of the pages of the passport that contain the general information about the petitioner and the page that shows the stamp of the last entry to our country.
    3. Pay fee for registration.
    4. Complete the registration form of the Sworn Statement.

  • In the case that the request includes dependents, the requirements for the Immigrant Visa as a Resident’s Dependent must be included.
  • All documents issued abroad, must be properly annotated or authenticated by the Republic of Panama Embassy or Consulate at the country that issued them and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama.
  • All documents issued abroad that are not written in the Spanish Language, must be translated by an Official Public Translator recognized by the Ministry of Government and Justice or Ministry of Education.
  • All foreign residents, temporary visitors or with an application being processed, that wishes to go abroad and re-enter the country, requires from the National Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization a MULTIPLE VISA BEFORE LEAVING THE COUNTRY. The omission of this procedure will incur a One Hundred Balboa fine (B/100.00).
  • Countries that require a Consulted Visa, have to present with the petition a Certification that authorizes them to apply for a temporary residence visa, issued by the Department of Consulted Visas of the National Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization.
  • The Sworn Declaration is a form supplied by the National Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization. This must be signed by the interested party and be completed in full. Providing false information may lead to penal and legal responsibilities and the negation of the requested visa or the annulment, if already granted. The foreigners who are under age don’t have to fill out the form, but their parents or tutor must give the requested information, although not under the gravity of oath.

The documentation must be presented COMPLETE and in the following order. Small documents such as, birth certificates, health certificates, receipts, etc., must be added to a legal size paper and both faces of the abovementioned documents must be clearly seen, in order to be properly received.



At the presentation of the documents, a three months temporary carnet is issued and at the time of the approval of the request an indefinite residence carnet is issued. The costs of the carnets will be paid by the interest party.

Power of attorney and request by means of a lawyer: The Power of Attorney must be presented before a Public Notary or personally before the Directorate of Migration and Naturalization by the visa applicant ( if it is only one person) or by all the over age components of the family group (head of family and dependents). This must show the complete general information of the interested parties, including full name and parent’s nationality. In addition, it must specify all the general information of the lawyer of the applicant and dependents, including office’s address, domicile at the Republic of Panama, telephone numbers and e mail. Also the complete information of attached checks must be given (check number, drawing bank’s name, date and amount). List and identify the attached documents, as well as expressing the legal grounds in which you base the petition

Health Medical Certificate […issued within the three (3) months prior to the presentation date (it must have the date, signature and seal with the doctor name, including the code and register number of the physician)].

Penal and police record issued by the previous country of residence of the petitioner within the last two years, (This document will not be necessary, if the interested party has resided in Panama for the last two or more years on a consecutive time.

Passport issued by country of origin [...with a minimum of six months validity time and a complete photocopy of the passport, duly authenticated before a Public Notary].

Two (2) Carnet size photos [...up dated, of every interested party, (no hats or veils and facing front]

Document that certifies, by foreign government, international entities or private companies, the retired condition of the petitioner, and that the interested party earns a permanent income no less than Five Hundred American dollars or its equivalent ($500.00) per month. If there are dependents, the additional income has to be One Hundred Dollar ($100.00) monthly, per dependant. ( If the certification is in a foreign currency, a certification from the Panama National Bank stating the equivalent amount in dollars.)

If petitioner is retired from a private company, He (She) has to present the document that certifies by means of the authorized authority that the company is still operating (equivalent to the Panamanian Public Register Certificate) and attach the last five supporting documents of the pension receipt. If the money is received by bank’s transfer, copy of the bank statement from the bank, have to be presented.

Personal Background Sworn Declaration [… duly signed by the interested party and by an authorized official of the National Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization or whoever receives the petition. (Form supplied by the National Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization).]

An extra set of photocopies of all the documentation presented.

Legal Base:

Law No. 9 of June 24 of 1987 and the Executive Decree No. 62 of August 4 of 1987


No observations registered

Opening hours to the public:

Monday through Friday: from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.


29th Street and Cuba Avenue

Phone Number: (507) 507-1800

Copyright © 2007. National Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization. All rights reserved.

For rentistas wanting the 2nd passport, the requirements vary as follows:

Temporary Residence Visa as an Independent Retired

To grant a Temporary Residence Visa as an Independent Retired.

Who may request a Temporary Residence Visa with an Independent Retired Status?

All those foreigners that earn a minimum monthly income of Seven Hundred Fifty (US$750.00), that proceed exclusively from the interest of a five year period time deposit at “Banco Nacional de Panama” (National Bank of Panama). The petitioner can bring his (her) dependents into the country (Are considered as such, the parents, spouse or children under legal age or those who are of legal age but under 25 years, single and without children that are attending regular studies, on a Study Centre duly recognized by the Ministry of Education. The permit is granted for five extendable years and a special Panamanian passport is issued for the same length of time. The retired petitioner can invest money at the Panamanian Territory, previous to the compliance of the requirements, but will not be able to work within the territory.

Certification from “Banco Nacional de Panama” (National Bank of Panama) confirming that petitioner earns an income of Seven Hundred and Fifty dollars (B/.750.00) in monthly interest, that proceed exclusively from a five year period Time Deposit, mortgage free or that is not used as a collateral.

Photocopy of the Time Deposit certificate or contract duly authenticated by “Banco Nacional de Panamá” (National Bank of Panamá).

When filing along with a spouse or a child, more paperwork must be filed. A certificate of birth for the child, and/or certificate of marriage for the spouse, as required for the Immigrant Visa as a Resident’s Dependent.


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