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Immigrant Visa and Residence Permit granted to foreigners married to a Panamanian citizen

Immigrant Visa and Residence Permit granted to aliens married to a Panamanian citizen.
Visa Code VI-2

Who may apply to this visa?

This visa is granted to those foreigners that are married to a Panamanian citizen and live normally together, stably and continuously with their spouse. The interested party must prove to the National Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization, that it is a real marriage and not one of “convenience” neither a “false” marriage arranged in order to obtain the migratory status. The person that by means of a false marriage tries to obtain a migratory status can be subject of penal actions, furthermore, the request will be denied or the granted permit will be revoked, and the immediate departure of the country by the foreigner will be requested. In addition, it is informed that the omission or act of providing false information in the Sworn Background Declaration can have legal implications, and the verification of this issue is a reason for denying the visa requested as well as the resident permit.

Processing time frame: 2 to 4 months until it is granted, depending on the date and the results of the marriage interview, and other necessary admissible evidence.



At the presentation of the documents, a three months temporary carnet is issued and at the time of the approval of the request a provisional one year permanent carnet is issued. The costs of the carnets will be paid by the interest party as well as the B/10.00 fiscal stamp for those foreigners’ citizens that require visa.

Power of Attorney and requests through a lawyer [Power of Attorney must include the general information of the interested party company (exact address, name, nationality, name and parent’s nationality, telephone numbers and e-mail address. The general information related to the lawyer must be specified (office’s address, telephone’s numbers, fax’s number and e-mail address). The general information of the attached checks (check number, bank name, date and amount) listing and identification of the attached documents and expounded the real and legal facts of the request. The Power of Attorney must be personally presented before the National Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization officer or with an authenticated note before a Public Notary. The power of attorney, as well as the request must have a B/4.00 per page legal stamp or postage (Four Balboas per page)

Certified or cashier’s check in the amount of B/ 100.00 in favour of “Tesoro Nacional” (National Treasury).

Good Health Medical Certificate [: issued within the three (3) months prior to the presentation date (it must have date, signature and seal with the doctor’s name, including the code and registration number of the physician.]

Penal and police record issued by the previous country of residence of the petitioner within the last two years, ( if the interested party has been in Panama for the last two or more years on a consecutive time, this document will not be necessary).

Passport issued by country of origin [... with a minimum of six months validity time]

Complete copy of passport

Two (2) carnet size photos [...updated (no hats or veils and front face)

Marriage certificate issued by the Civil Registry [... this must be issued within the previous six months before the date of presentation of the document and must include the proper fiscal stamps. If the marriage occurred abroad it must be properly registered at the Civil Register of Panama]

Birth certificate of the Panamanian spouse issued by the Civil Registry [... this must be issued within the previous six months before the date of presentation of the document and must bear the proper fiscal stamps.]

Birth certificate of children [...Panamanians, if there are, with their proper fiscal stamp.]

Present personal identification card of the spouse [...Panamanian, authenticated by Civil Register . . .]

Letter of responsibility from the spouse [...Panamanian, signed, where he/her is obligated to cover all the foreigner expenses and of the repatriation, if needed . . .]

For the male, resolution issued by the Ministry of Labour and Labour Development (MITRADEL) where it authorizes the interested party to work in the national territory with a status of married to a Panamanian. In case of not having it at the time of the presentation of the permit of residency request at Immigration, certifications stating that the negotiation of this permission is in process at MITRADEL can be presented, or a simple copy of the Power of Attorney and a request issued by the lawyer addressed to MITRADEL. In this case, the work permit remains pending in order to continue the visa procedure. If the work permit is denied the visa permit also will be denied. [...if the foreigner is retired or a pensioner and proves such condition with the correspondent certification, the labour permit is not required . . .]

For the female, a document that proves her source of income is sufficient to fund her expenses within the territory of Panama, such as payroll check vouchers, social security vouchers from her husband or another source that proves how she can fund her expenses. [.if she works to support herself, she must presents her labour permit or copy of the request presented to MITRADEL.]

Marital interview [. . . the day of the request presentation before the Legal Department, you will be informed about the date in which you must appear with your spouse for an interview. In the case of not showing up at the given date, another interview won’t be granted. ]

Legal Base:
Articles 14, 25, and 35 of the Law-Decree No.16 June 30 of 1960, Law-Decree No.13 of September 20 of 1965, 6th Law of March 5 of 1980 and Executive Decree No.52 of February 19 of 2003.

In case that the request includes dependents (if the foreigner has dependent children or parents, that are within the familiar nucleus) the requirements for Immigrant’s Visa within the Resident’s Dependent Status must be included, proving the relationship and that the resident has the proper economic solvency as stated on the Executive Decree No. 52 of February of 2003 (a B/ 500.00 monthly income plus B/75.00 per each dependent). It Should be considered that the petitioner included as a dependent of a resident, will not be qualified for a work permit.

In the case in which the spouses or one of them is abroad and belongs to a nationality that for any migratory policy reason is requested to comply with the Authorized or Consulted Visa, the petitioner must comply with Article 11 of Executive Decree 52 of February 19 of 2003, which requires a minimum of six months living together after the marriage celebration and with other applicable dispositions related to restricted visas.

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Anonymous said...

My folks moved to Panama (Boquete) and are now panamanian residents. Any chance their 42 year old child can piggy back off of their status to get a full time residency?

Moderator said...

A 42 year old child cannot be a dependent of Panama residents. At the most, he/she can have a 9-month residency as a visitor of family relatives. Good try!