Thursday, March 20, 2008

Panamaemprende becomes tool for tax evasion?

Municipalities complained that funds paid by new businesses registering under Panamaemprende are not being transferred to them by the central government Others registered online and then opened as restaurants or bars without paying the taxes for liquor licenses


Mayor’s office shuts down businesses

The Mayor of Panama's office has closed and fined at least 90 companies that received permission to operate on the government's web site.

"The law was adopted to expedite starting up companies, but this has caused many problems," said Mayor Juan Carlos Navarro.

In the course of chcking up on the businesses, authorities found that the majority were not operating as they described on the web site. The majority of the violators were restaurants whose main activity was selling alcohol and not food, or places that sold alcohol that had opened too close to a church or a school.

To prevent future problems, the bill will be amended so that any business selling alcohol needs prior permission from the mayor's office.

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