Monday, August 18, 2008

New Panama City taxi rates

In our previous posting Panama city taxi rates will be raised we informed about the new Panama City taxi rates. With their publication this August 14 in the Official Gazette, the rates are effective.
If you are good at finding your way in a map and have a good sense of direction, you can print these maps and download the gazette to fully understand the rates.



Anonymous said...

Of course if you're a gringo like I am you need to double or triple these rates. I've gotten so disgusted with being ripped off by the taxistas that I've taken to walking pretty much everywhere, even if it means walking an hour or more. I'm in no hurry, I need the exercise and vitamin D and I'm tired of paying rip off prices because my skin is white. So, taxistas... don't be surprised when you're honking at me for a fare and I give you the finger!

Anonymous said...

Don't ask the price, just get out and give them the money!! You know about what it should be so juts give them that, maybe 25c more. I rarely have problems.