Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Panama Property Tax Lawyer

You do not need a lawyer to do your property tax. If you are computer proficient and can follow some Spanish with Google translate, you can go to and:

- get a NIT password to see your annual property tax statement online and print tax certificates online,

- download the eTax 2010 software from which can help you estimate payable capital gains and property transfer taxes in case of a sale.

Alternatively, CPAs are better at estimating taxes than lawyers, who can be of help if a claim against the Ministry is involved. Property tax rules change a bit every year. Some rules are posted at:

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Does anyone know a Panamanian lawyer named N who does property taxes for homes? If no one knows Lic. N, does anyone know a Panamanian lawyer who does property taxes without jerking me around? Pete Peterson

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Property Tax Lawyer said...

First of all you have to evaluate your current property value. If you found that it is lesser then your assessments value then you should appeal .Lots of the people do not fight either they don't know that it is beneficial or they think that it is time and money consuming. But it is not difficult nor money consuming Actually it is money saving ..... It will take a little time but if you don't have time then you can hire an expert who will take care of you case...