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Panama and Cyprus Discuss Tax Agreement

Panama and Cyprus are both countries which rely heavily on maritime logistics, banking center and tourism.

Meeting of President Christofias with the President of Panama

The President of the Republic Mr Demetris Christofias had a meeting, yesterday, with the President of Panama Mr Ricardo Martinelli.

Present at the meeting was also the Government Spokesman Mr Stefanos Stefanou, the Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Minas Hadjimichael and the Director of the Diplomatic Office of the President, Ambassador Leonidas Pantelides.

After the meeting President Christofias made the following statement:

"I had a very cordial and friendly meeting with the President of Panama, which he requested. Panama is a friendly country to Cyprus, we are together at the Non – Aligned Movement for several years, with a very firm position on Cyprus issue. Of course, the President has reaffirmed his position that Panama stands by Cyprus in its effort to reunite the country and implement the international law and the UN Resolutions on Cyprus.

Moreover, we talked about the need to expand bilateral relations between the two countries. Agreements are underway about the avoidance of double taxation and, also, the abolition of visas in both countries. We also talked about the need to develop economic relations between the two countries. The distance is great and this is the only problem, but I believe that there is enough that connects us, which we should take into consideration."

Asked if the possibilities of cooperation between the two countries for shipping issues were discussed, the President of the Republic said:

"These issues were discussed a few times, they are on the agenda too, but I repeat, the distance is great. The Government of Panama is doing whatever possible to avert the docking of the ships under Panamanian flag, in Famagusta".
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