Friday, February 18, 2011

Panamapundit logs off

Panamapundit is the username of Sam Taliaferro in his Panama Investor Blog postings until his unfortunate passing away. In his blog he provided updates about business developments in Panama not readily available in English, analyzed from a pro-business perspective and his experience developing a resort community in Panama. He will be missed....

Samuel Walker Taliaferro VII
June 10th, 1952 – February 17th, 2011

Sam Taliaferro, devoted father and husband, developer, entrepreneur and cherished friend to hundreds of people around the world, passed away early this morning after a two year battle with cancer.

Words like "pioneer" and "visionary" are used frequently to describe successful people but few truly deserve those titles as much as Sam.

An inventor by profession, Sam developed and patented numerous technologies used by fortune 100 companies throughout the world. He built a number of manufacturing operations to build these technologies, the last one in Costa Rica in 1995.

In 2000 he had an idea to create Valle Escondido, a residential resort community in the mountain highlands of Panama that would appeal to those looking for an exotic yet first world lifestyle. The small village where the project is located has become known throughout the world as a retirement/tourist hot spot due to his marketing efforts and the success of the development. It was rated the number one foreign retirement destination in the western hemisphere by the AARP in 2002 and one of the top five best lifestyle values in the world by Fortune Magazine in 2005. The success of the project lit the fuse that started the real estate boom (and bust) in Panama.

In 2005 Sam began writing the Panama Investor Blog which focuses on the country from an investors prospective and reaches people interested in Panama from all over the world. Current subscription is about 7000.

Sam and his wife Thalia also operate the Valle Escondido resort Golf & Spa located in the center of the residential project. The resort employs about 80 full time Panamanians and is one of the areas largest employers.

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