Sunday, September 02, 2007

Authentication of Canada documents for use in Panama

Canada has not signed the 1961 treaty on Apostille, which means that documents issued by Canada authorities (such as birth certificates and police records required for residence visa applications) and contracts signed in front of and notarized by Canada notary, must be authenticated by a Panama consul in Canada. The procedure involves to:

a) have the document notarized in Canada by a Notary Public;

b) have the Notary's signature authenticated by the Lieutenant-Governor of the province in which the Notary is commissioned. Requests for authentication are usually chanelled through the Deputy Provincial Secretary of the province (other province auhtorities are listed here). In Quebec, the Secretary of the Board of Notaries / Chambre de Notaires authenticates these documents. In Ontario, the Official Documents Services (ODS) of the Ministry of Government Services Federal documents must be submitted to the Authentication and Service of Documents Section (JLAC), Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada in Ottawa /;

c) have this signature authenticated by the Panama consular services in Canada (call first to determine the fees and if it is possible to mail them the document with prepaid return postage);

d) arrange for your Panama attorney to have the Panama consul's signature authenticated in Panama by the Panama Ministry of External Affairs.

Please note that only original documents (or certified copies of these), bearing the signature of the competent signing authority may be authenticated.

These are the addresses of Panama Consuls (always subject to changes) listed in the e-government site Panamatramita are:
Embajadora y Enc. Asuntos c.
Nombre: Romy Vásquez
Teléfonos: +(1) 613-236-7177
Tels. Fax: 613-236-5775
Dirección: 130 Albert Street, Suite 300, KIP 5G4 Otawa, Ontario, Canadá
e-mail: pancanem[at]

Vice Cónsul Honoraria
Nombre: Melva Méndez Aizpurua
Teléfonos: +(1) 514-874-1929
Tels. fax: 541-874-1947
Dirección: 1425 Rene Levesque O, Bureau 504, H 3GIT 7 Montreal, (Que) Quebec, Canadá
e-mail: cgpm[at]

Cónsul General
Nombre: Gilberto Boyd
Teléfonos: +(1) 416-651-2350
Tels. fax: 416-651-3141
Dirección: 881 St. Clair Ave. West 2 Floor Ontario, M6C-IC4 Toronto, Canadá
e-mail: conpantor[at]

Cónsul General
Nombre: Eduardo Arango
Teléfonos: +(1) 604-682-6128; 604-682-7128
Tels. fax: 604-682-0528
Dirección: 1112 West Pender St. Suite 407, V6E 2S1 Vancouver, B.C. Canadá
e-mail: invo[at]

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