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IPAT reply on residential tourism

We thank IPAT for their reply to our July 29, 2007 post on residential tourism. Unlike newspapers in Panama, we encourage free discussion of ideas which is why has Comment icons for direct posting by IPAT and anybody else. We have eliminated the email addresses to avoid spambots:

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From: Ruben Blades
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 16:05:08 -0500
To: Carl-Fredrik Nordstrom
Subject: Residential tourism

Send this to the person responsible for the

a) From what I read you do not dispute there is a
difference between tourist and resident; no part of
your blog argues against my basic assertion
b) your defense of the term seems to be based on the
fact that ,
"since other countries use it it must be right".
c) I suggest you read the "Louvre Museum-turned into
condos" example I placed on our Internet. It
graphically explains the differences, both economical
and existencial, between residence and tourism;
d) As a lawyer you obviously make money representing
clients interested in residential purchases and an
intermediary for all the legal consequences of
residential requests involving navegating the
burocratic oceans in any country of the world. You are
not a hotel owner, nor do you represent cab drivers,
restaurants, hotel personnel, guides,etc. My feeling
is you'd rather have residents than tourists since the
former represent your "bread and butter". That is not
my position.
I have no problem with people coming to live in
Panama. I welcome the possibility. What I do not
welcome is the notion that tourism and residence are
the same thing, nor that they should be considered as
a whole. They are different activities and should be
regulated differently. IPAT does not regulate
immigration, nor does it regulate taxes for instance.
You should know that and probably do. But your
arguments seems to be directed toward justifying the
notion of "residential tourism". It is absurd to mix
the two. I guess that's the lawyer in me.

Ruben Blades

Carl-Fredrik Nordström
Sub-Gerente General / Deputy General Manager
Instituto Panameño de Turismo -IPAT
Avenida Samuel Lewis y Calle Gerardo Ortega
Edificio Central, Nivel 100
( Teléfono: (507) 526-7110, (507) 526-7000
) Fax: (507) 526-7121

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