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Internships in Panama

Internships in Panama center around environmental and biology with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and other NGOs, and international relations with the cluster of international organizations in the City of Knowledge.

For Panama labor authorities, an intern is a worker so most Panama companies are reluctant to hire foreigners which would expose them to government fines for hiring without a permit. A work permit can take more than 10 months to be granted and by that time the internship is over. However, some options are available.

Internships Information

Follow Florida State University to the next level of education: international internships. These are remarkable opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to work within prestigious organizations and dynamic corporations, while at the same time earning academic credit. Internships are integral to FSU's global perspective, offering students not only incomparable career experience, but more intense cultural interaction. At our respected year-round study centers, FSU has forged strong professional affiliations within the host countries. The result is coveted job placements in four major world cities: London, England; Florence, Italy; Panama City, Republic of Panama; and Valencia, Spain. In addition, our College of Social Work has established opportunities for international internships around the globe.

What is an internship?

Internships are generally unpaid, full-time or part-time work assignment opportunities in business, political, and professional settings for which students receive academic credit. Internships are planned with, and guided by, professors and the International Programs Internship Coordinator. But once on the job, interns function as employees, with their full responsibilities being to the host firm, their colleagues, and superiors.

In addition, interns complete a personal journal, a summary report, and other academic requirements. These experiences can be invaluable in shaping and defining an education and career. Internships help students:
• focus on a prospective career
• enhance academic study with practical experience
• open a new area of special interest
• develop new skills for future advancement

Program information - Panama Interns
Florida State University has been a strong and important presence in Panama City for 50 years. FSU Panama is, in fact, our oldest international program. With such deep roots in a multinational crossroads city, we have excellent working relationships with Panamanian agencies and enterprises. Internship opportunities are especially interesting because both the region's natural and business settings are so distinctive.

The Republic of Panama is a center of world trade and the meeting place of two oceans. It is an unparalleled place in which to learn about and enter into Latin America's crucial world role. The following is a list of recent placements. Many more are available.

Specific placements are not and cannot be guaranteed. Placements are dependent upon the cooperation agreements between FSU Panama and the organizations.

Internship applicants must have a strong background in both Spanish comprehension and conversation. Total immersion in the language and culture is part of the internship.

Cable & Wireless
The Ford Company (Distribuidora David)
Jansseen Cilag for Central America and the Carribean (Johnson & Johnson)

Government and Not-for-profit Organizations
International Federation of the Red Cross and Crescent Moon
National Association for Nature Conservancy, ANCON
United Nations Childrens Fund, UNICEF
United Nations Development Program, UNDP
United Nations World Food Program

Education And Internship Opportunities In Panama - Education In Panama - by Matthew Atlee
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Internships In Panama

A few years ago the U.N headquarters for Latin America moved from Colombia to Panama; the U.N renovated two or three building in Fort Clayton, the old headquarters of the U.S. Army in Panama, for its Latin American headquarters – and they are currently planning to expand their operations in Panama. Fort Clayton is also the home to the Ciudad del Saber (City of Knowledge). Ciudad del Saber offers educational opportunities for those who want to invest in, or lead to the creation of, new knowledge. Institutions that are accepted by the Ciudad del Saber are allowed to apply for resident visas for their employees and families as well as use office space and recreational facilities within Fort Clayton. Ciudad del Saber is to education in Panama what the Colon Free Zone is to trade: an open inexpensive place for outsiders to operate – in this case in knowledge rather than goods.

The UN since it arrived in Panama has been running a number of development and cultural programs, for example, UNICEF runs a number of different programs in Panama and around the region; there are internship possibilities at UNICEF for students. U.S. President George Bush's daughter, Jenna Bush, worked with UNICEF in Panama for 9 months. There are plenty of internship opportunities for students who would like to get some experience working in an international institution. Internships can be arranged by FSU-Panama or by going directly to the UN offices in Clayton. The UN publishes job and internship openings: go to their offices to find out more.

Another place you may want to look into as far as internships is the Smithsonian Institute. The Smithsonian has a long history in Panama. Currently, the Smithsonian has a close relationship with Princeton University and McGill University in Canada. If you want to do an internship with Smithsonian, then you should try to arrange something before you get to Panama.

Another internship possibility is with one of the large hotel chains in Panama. There is more and more of a focus on upgrading food and lodging in Panama and many of the large hotel chains offer students internships. The InterContinental hotel chain is opening a new school of hospitality in Panama, which will also be located in the Ciudad del Saber. The idea is to train Panamanians and others Latin Americans in hospitality.

There are plenty of other internship possibilities in Panama in Anthropology, Archaeology, Business, and Foreign Relations; if you are interested in pursuing an internship in Panama you might want to start your search with one of the many universities in Panama; both FSU-Panama and Louisville offer internships for credit with institutions in Panama.

Earth Train - Panama's Land Conservancy and Sustainable Development program is working on a hybrid combination of investment and donation to develop mixed use buffer zones in the valley of the upper Mamoní River on the southwest border of the Kuna territory.

Earth Train is seeking 1or 2 law students:
  • Who would be willing to work in Panama as interns for a minimum of three months. A one-year stint would be ideal.
  • Who have fluency in Spanish
  • Who have an interest in developing an understanding of Panamanian law – particularly related to environmental protection, forestry, and non-profits, both in the U.S. and Panama.
Interns will work with Earth Train's Panamanian lawyer, Carlos Varela in his office in Panama City. The internship will include housing at Earth Train's Casa Arias and a modest stipend for living expenses.

International business law internship

International business law firm in Panama offers internship opportunities to students and graduates from Law, Social Sciences, International Relations or Business who have an interest in Tax and International Business Law, offshore investments and intellectual property. Previous interns recruited have been from Germany, Italy and Argentina. The firm also offers German referendars the opportunity to spend their “Wahlstation”.

Interns will work with corporate, banking, intellectual property and other legal documents from Panama and other jurisdictions. Activities typically include projects that present an inside view of the work of an offshore business law firm, as well as attendance at government hearings, local bar association seminars and internal training sessions. Good word processing and online research skills are essential. Main working language is English. Spanish, German and Italian are also used. The internship location is in the middle of the banking center of Panama City.

Please note, that we do not compensate interns during their training period. We recognize, however, that living expenses in downtown Panama City are not low and therefore provide a modest monthly stipend for local transportation expenses. Local visa regulations allow 30-90 day stays depending on the nationality of applicants.

The application should include the following documents:
* A personal letter in English or Spanish, explaining the applicant’s interest in the program
* A resume in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish
* Copies of credentials (e.g., copy of current school transcripts)
* A letter of recommendation, in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish, from a member of faculty, business community or the legal profession.

Please send your application to:
Lombardi Aguilar Group
Aptdo. 0831-01110
Panama 0831, Panama

or to infoweb[at] or contact

Other internship opportunities in
Getting a Job in Panama as a Foreigner

Cost of living in Panama for Interns

Estimated One-Time Expenses

Expense Type Price
International Travel $1000
Visa Fees
Recommended Immunizations $500

*See Additional Cost Information below.

Estimated Monthly Expenses

Expense Type Price/month
Housing $400-$500
Food $100
Local Transportation $100
Recreation $100
Personal Expenses $100

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