Sunday, May 03, 2009

Martinelli defeats government party candidate

Retailer and political maverick Ricardo Martinelli leads the Panama election count at 6:35 pm with 504,812 votes out of 43.68% of votes tallied.  The government party candidate and Noriega supporter Balbina Herrera follows with 306,751 and former President Guillermo Endara trails with 20,864.   Martinelli had an anti-establishment, anti-corruption theme which won more favor than Herrera's message of class distribution and  more law enforcement.

Even if results from Panama City are counted quickly, incoming results from less technologically-advanced locations are unlikely to reverse this trend.

Results are not in for the Panama City Mayor elections nor the Legislature.

More information is available in
La Prensa Interactive map Tribunal
Panama radio stations

Photo: Supporters at Martinelli headquarters learn about the candidate's lead

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