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Before adopting a child in Panama...

Panama Requirements for Adoption
1. Application through a Panama attorney-at-law stating the intention and the reason to adopt a boy, girl or teenager, and specify and sex of the minor that they wish to adopt,
2. Socioeconomic and psychological studies conducted by an institution certified in Panama,
3. Request for criminal background check,
4. Medical certificate of the parents issued by a Panama government hospital,

Assistants at Divino Nino home for children
5. Evidence of current labor, stating position, salary, seniority and benefits. In its absence, certified copy of the last two tax returns or banking references,
6. Birth certificate and marriage certificate between persons that comply with the requirements of Article 53 of the Family Code,
7. Two extra judicial affidavits by persons that know the parents (for common law marriages, the affidavits must testify to said fact),
8. Postcard-size pictures of the rooms and outside of the home (glued to a white sheet),
9. Recent picture in color of each of the applicants, as well as of the other residents of their home,
10. Written acceptance of a three (3) month inspection from the declaration of adoption, on a basis as regular as the judge considers appropriate,
11. Express acceptance of a temporary living with the boys, girls and teenager to be adopted,
12. For Panama nationals, certificate of having received training as adopting parents. For foreigners, certificates issued by the central authority of his/her country of residence, or as required by the Ministry,
13. For applicants resident abroad, certified copy of all passport pages and authorization to adopt issued by the central authority of his/her country of residence,
14. For applicants resident abroad, certified copy of the authorization to enter the adopted child into his/her country.

Children at SOS Villages
All documents must be submitted in a single folder with documents placed in the same order as in this list.
Non-Panama documents must be certified with Apostille from the state of origin or by Panama Consul in said state.
Non-Spanish documents must be accompanied with translation by a translator accredited in Panama.

Requirements for Adoption by National Directorate of Adoption (tel. 279-0667) under Article 297A of the Family Code translated by Alvaro Aguilar as of December, 2004.

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