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Pensionado / Rentista Visas

Requirements for the application of the Retiree / Rentista Visa
1) Power of attorney and request by the attorney. Power of attorney must include the information about the applicant (exact address, telephone number...) and full name of parents and nationality. All the information about the attorney must be specified (Office address, telephone and fax number), complete information of cheques that are provided (number of checks, name of nak, date and amount) of all documents enclosed and the legal basis.
2) Good Health Certificate, issued within the three months before the date of the application (must have date, signature and stamp with the name, signature and registered number of the physician)
3) Police record from the country of origin (only when the applicant has less than two years of continuous residence in Panama).
4) Two (2) sets of photocopies of the entire passport, also authenticated by a Notary Public.
5) Four (4) recent passport-size pictures.
6) Certificate issued by the National Bank of Panama, stating that the applicant earns a minimum monthly return of Seven Hundred and Fifty dollars (US$750.00), solely coming from the interest yielded by the certificate of deposit, without any encumbrance of any kind. The certificate deposit must show it being for a minimum term and date of maturity of five years.
7) Copy of the certificate of deposit or contact, authenticated by the National Bank of Panama.
8) Sworn statement about Personal Background signed by the applicant and the Immigration official receiving it (the form may be downloaded in a .PDF file from here).
9) Two sets of copies of all documents submitted, except for the passport.

For the Pensioner / Pensionado visa, items 1), 2), 3), 4), 8), 9) are required. In addition, the following are required:

a) Police record or Certificate of Disposition from police or court in applicant's place of origin.
b) "Duly authenticated document, which certifies the following:
-The applicant's condition as retired or pensioner from a foreign government, international organization or private entities.
-That the applicant receives a monthly pension of no less than US$500 or its equivalent in foreign currency, plus US$100 for each dependant
-In the case of persons retired or receiving a pension from private entities, a document from the corresponding authority certifying the existence of said entity must be submitted

A) In case that the application includes dependents (wife and minor childrens), the requirements for Immigrant Visa as Dependant of Resident must be enclosed, along with two sets of additional photocopies.
B) All documents issued abroad, should be submitted duly apostilled or authenticated by the Embassy or Consulate of Panama in the country that issued it and by the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Panama.
C) All documents issued abroad in language besides Spanish, must be translated by a certified interpreter recognized by the Minister of Justice.
D) Every foreigner must be duly registered in Immigration Movement Section for which the following must be submitted:
* Two (2) passport-size pictures
* Copy of the page of general information in the passport and that which contains the last seal of entry into the country
* US$1 for registration
* Answer the registration questionnaire.
Schedule for submission of documents 8 a.m. to 1 p.m..
FOR RENEWALS OF THE 5-YEAR PASSPORT, items 1) to 9) must be submitted.

Provided by the Directorate of Immigration as of January 13, 2004, and subject to changes

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For the Pensioner / Pensionado visa, ... the following are required:

Duly authenticated document, which certifies the following:

-In the case of persons retired or receiving a pension from private entities, a document from the corresponding authority certifying the existence of said entity must be submitted

Accountholders from a private pension plan or an individual retirement account can apply for a pensionado visa under this option.