Monday, October 27, 2008

Re : new laws - question on migration

1. In theory one could leave just before the end of the 90 days and reenter. However, upon reentry an immigration official can take a hard look at the cluttered rubber stamps and bar entry for abuse of the 90-day term (I have never heard of it happening in Panama but it does happen in the US).

2. From the short stay, I have a feeling you did not wait long enough to have your picture taken for your 3-month card and you were supposed to get a Multiple Entry Permit under the old law. Depending on when you return, you may have to pay a fine.

De: Shari1551
Objet: new laws - question on migration
Date: Mercredi 3 Septembre 2008, 9h43


I was just at your website and read the new laws. Perhaps you can assist me with a couple of questions.

1. If a person goes to Panama on a 90 day visa, I am assuming they have to leave after 90 days. Can they still leave for 24 hours and come back in. If not, what happens.

2. My pensionado was applied for on July 29th. I entered Panama on the 26th of June and left on July 9th. I just received an email from my lawyer stating that new laws in Panama say it is necessary to pick up a special card at migration office to obtain a "migration status" when you are in Panama. This card have the duration of three months. For that reason you should return to Panama in the next two months.

He speaks broken English and I want to be sure to understand what he is saying. Can you translate this for me so I can understand. I am living in the United States and will move to Panama when my home sells.

Thank you so much.


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